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Cosmetic Dental Bonding Can Restore Your Smile

Patient Dental Concerns Towson, MarylandDo your teeth appear a little worse for wear but you are putting off addressing the issue in fear of complicated and expensive dental procedures? Cosmetic dental bonding may be the simple solution to your problem. Dr. Patrick Ousborne and Dr. Rikki Esterson of Dental Excellence, a respected dental practice in Towson, MD, explains how this relatively inexpensive and simple cosmetic dentistry treatment can help you have the attractive smile you want.

What is cosmetic dental bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding is a procedure that repairs damage and defects in your teeth, restoring their youthful appearance. Your Dental Excellence dentist will use a plastic composite resin, a soft, plastic-based material, to fill in the damaged areas of your smile. Composite resin works similarly to the spackle used in home repairs but for your teeth instead of drywall. Your dentist can shape it to fill in any chip or indentation, making it ideal for treating a variety of cosmetic dental issues. Once the resin hardens and bonds to your tooth enamel — hence the name of the procedure — it will not only be as strong as your natural enamel but it will look exactly like it as well. Your dentist will select a composite resin that is colored to match the shade of your healthy tooth enamel so that the bonded area is never obvious.

What are the signs dental bonding may be necessary?

Chips in teeth, even small ones, can be noticeable and embarrassing but cosmetic dental bonding can be used to fill in these chips.  Bonding can also be used to protect exposed roots of teeth due to receding gums from gum disease. The lack of this protective layer of tissue can cause heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages making eating can painful. Covering the roots with composite resin can decrease this sensitivity while protecting the roots.

Maybe you have one tooth that doesn’t look like the others? Sometimes a tooth can be discolored, twisted, crooked, short or oddly shaped teeth but still in perfectly good shape and otherwise healthy. Bonding material can be used to change the appearance and color of the tooth, giving your smile a more uniform look..

Cosmetic bonding is also a good choice for narrowing small gaps between your teeth. These gaps in your teeth can trap food and make you feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Cosmetic bonding is a simple and relatively affordable method for closing those spaces and making eating easier.

While composite bonding doesn’t have the longevity of veneers, you should be able to wear them for up to 10 years with careful use and proper care. This means avoiding hard candy, ice cubes and other hard or sticky food that can crack your composite material.

Cosmetic dental bonding in Towson, MD

Cosmetic dental bonding can give you the healthy smile you’ve always wished for! Call Dr. Ousborne or Dr. Esterson at Dental Excellence, your dentist in Towson, MD at (410) 514-6553 or schedule online for your consultation. Why not take advantage of this versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve the aesthetics of your smile?