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Our Dental Technology Towson MD

Dental Excellence practices digital dentistry in Towson, MD, utilizing advanced technologies to enhance and improve your patient experience and outcome. From record-keeping to treatment planning and implementation, we use a wide range of technology in our office. The majority of our dental technology is utilized chairside, augmenting our dental exams and diagnostic process.

Intra Oral Camera

A convenient, comfortable way to evaluate and analyze the condition of your smile, the intra-oral camera allows our dental care team to use digital images to spot developing problems. A unique technology, this device supports our visual exam and can prevent sudden dental problems with early diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is used in our office to protect the health of our patients. Significantly reducing the amount of radiation exposure digital x-rays also produce immediate high-resolution imagery for use in diagnosing and treating the oral health needs of our patients.


Isolite has become an even more significant technology in the prevention of COVID-19 in our dental practice. Isolite is a comfortable mouthpiece that once in place provides:

  • Shadowless Illumination: lighting from within the oral cavity or mouth means that we can complete procedures faster and with greater accuracy due to high visibility.
  • Continuous Aspiration: continuous fluid evacuation eliminates the spray of germs in the treatment field.
  • Retraction and Protection: a comfortable silicone mouthpiece that can gently hold back the tongue and lips. Isolite allows our dental care team to perform dental care while protecting the tongue and soft tissues. Isolite has been proven to reduce treatment times and minimize muscle spasms and discomfort for the patient.

Piezo Ultrasonic scaler

Also known as Cavitron, the Piezo ultrasonic scaler is an important tool for addressing and removing plaque on all surfaces in the mouth.


VELscope™ is used to screen for the early signs of oral cancer. We use this handheld laser technology blue excitation lamp to look for changes in tissues that are not visible to the naked eye. Early detection and treatment can often mean a good prognosis in the case of oral cancers.


CEREC is an advanced CAD/CAM technology for dentists that enables us to scan, create, and place a high-quality dental crown in one visit. We can use CEREC to place glass ceramic and zirconia dental crowns, the highest quality restorations available that can offer the most natural-looking and durable result.

Vita Easyshade

A unique handheld technology that can enable us to produce a dental restoration color match that is considered identical to your natural teeth. Each patient has varying shades of tooth enamel color and traditional methods have fewer shade options to choose from. Vita Easyshade produces a digital color match with your adjacent teeth that can be used when creating your new crown or veneer.