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Teeth Whitening Towson, MD

As we age, so do our smiles. It’s completely normal and natural to experience tooth discoloration at some point in your dental health journey. Common foods and beverages we consume contain staining agents that attach to our teeth and affect the shades of our smiles. To counteract this, Dental Excellence offers teeth whitening solutions in Towson, MD.

teeth whitening in Towson Maryland

Teeth Whitening in Towson, MD

Our teeth whitening solutions include an at-home as well as an in-office option. The at-home professional whitening kit uses custom trays and a bleaching agent. At your appointment, we will make the custom trays from impressions of your teeth so they fit perfectly. Our helpful staff will give you specific instructions on how to use it and how often. We are always available if you have questions.

Additionally, we offer Zoom!® in-office whitening. This cosmetic dental treatment is very popular because it is fast and effective. During a single two hour dental appointment, it can whiten by your teeth by up to eight shades. To begin, our staff will cover your gums to protect them. Next, they will brush on the bleaching agent and shine the Zoom!® light on your teeth for about 15 minutes. They repeat this cycle three times. Afterwards, your teeth will be whiter and brighter. We will send you home with a take-home touch-up kit which will help maintain results.

Either teeth whitening option is an excellent, efficient, and cost-effective method. They both will revitalize your smile and restore the youthfulness of your overall appearance. Professional teeth whitening offers patients the ability to obtain a solution that is customized to their smiles. This makes it more effective than over-the-counter options that take a one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic dentistry.

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQs

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about this procedure. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding our professional teeth whitening solutions:

What foods and beverages should I avoid to prevent tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is a common occurrence as we age. To prevent tooth discoloration, we suggest limiting your intake of beverages like sodas, coffee, and tea. These beverages often contain strong staining agents that attach to your dental structures. If you do consume these beverages, consider using a straw to limit their contact with your dental structures.  Foods like artificially-colored candies, tomato-based sauces, and red berries contain similar staining agents and should be eaten in moderation.

How often can I have my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that you can schedule more than once. You can schedule a teeth whitening appointment once every year depending on your shade preference. Attending regular oral health and wellness visits will also help you in maintaining your whitest and brightest smile. We recommend scheduling oral health and wellness appointments once every six months.

Does teeth whitening cause pain and discomfort?

No, the teeth whitening process does not cause any pain or discomfort. However, teeth sensitivity is a common side effect after teeth whitening procedures. There are specific techniques that can help dentists reduce teeth sensitivity, such as choosing a milder whitening agent or reducing the whitening agent’s exposure time.

At what age can I have a teeth whitening treatment?

Patients can start whitening their teeth after their permanent teeth erupt, usually between the ages of 12 to 14. These younger will teeth whiten very fast and are prone to tooth sensitivity. However, most dentists will prefer that you receive actual Teeth whitening sessions over DIY whitening procedures.

Do over-the-counter tooth whitening strips work?

Yes. However, these types of treatments usually contain a low concentration of whitening agents, making the process very long. Because of this, the results might not even be as good as in-office whitening procedures.

How many teeth whitening sessions will I need?

It depends on your case. Older teeth usually take more sessions to whiten because they have had more time in contact with pigmented substances. Also, people with habits, such as smoking or drinking too much coffee, might need more sessions than someone who does not have these types of habits.

Achieve Your Dream Smile in Towson, MD

Dr. Ousborne and Dr. Esterson are your trusted cosmetic dentists in Towson, MD. Together, they provide comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions to our patients including teeth whitening solutions. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, or reunions, our teeth whitening services can remove years of stains and residues from your teeth in just one appointment. Schedule your teeth whitening appointment today.