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Emergency Dentist Towson, MD

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact our office directly. 

Dental emergencies are any unexpected, sudden pain or discomfort stemming from your dental structures. This includes your teeth, jawbone, and soft tissues. If you suspect that you’re dealing with a dental emergency, the best thing to do is to contact your dentist as soon as possible.

In our Towson, MD dental office, we provide emergency dentistry services for our patients. This means that we will prioritize your care if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Our staff will do the best they can to ensure you are seen as soon as possible to limit the duration of your pain or discomfort.

emergency Dentist in Towson Maryland

Emergency Dentistry in Towson, MD

Dr. Ousborne and Dr. Esterson are experienced emergency dentists in Towson, MD. They will ensure that you are taken care of as soon as possible to avoid further pain or discomfort. The thing to know about dental emergencies is that they will likely only get worse if left untreated. Even if your dental pain goes away, it’s important to have your teeth evaluated by a professional to address any underlying causes of your dental emergency.

Common Dental Emergencies

Our dental practice treats any and all dental emergencies with the same sense of urgency. Regardless of your dental emergency, we encourage you to contact our office so that we can advise you on your necessary care. The following are common dental emergencies that we see in our office:

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can sometimes be reattached if seen by a dental professional in a timely manner. Recover the knocked-out tooth if possible Pick it up by the crown, avoiding touching the tooth roots. Then, place the tooth in a cup of milk and head straight to our dental office.


Toothaches can have a variety of causes including severe tooth decay, small cavities, or dental damage. It’s important to have toothaches evaluated even if the pain goes away on its own. Utilizing over-the-counter pain relievers is a good way to relieve your discomfort in the moment before being seen by a professional dentist. Just be sure to not hold any pain reliever pills directly over the affected tooth in your mouth, as this will only further irritate it.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain often stems from a TMJ disorder or related issue. Symptoms of TMJ disorders can be very distracting and debilitating. See your dentist as soon as possible if you suspect you have a TMJ disorder or chronic jaw pain. Holding a cold compress over the affected area of your jaw will help reduce inflammation and facial swelling.


What causes a toothache?

Toothache can be the consequence of many things. The most common reasons for toothache are severe tooth decay, tooth trauma, bruxism, damaged dental filling, or a tooth abscess. It is important that you schedule an appointment with your dentist to treat a toothache. Your dentist can evaluate all the possibilities and design the right treatment plan for your case.

What do dentists and oral health professionals consider a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that requires immediate attention. A true dental emergency can result in serious health complications. The most common dental emergencies are severe toothaches, bleeding that doesn’t stop, dental abscesses, or infections that are starting to spread.

When is tooth pain an emergency?

Tooth pain is an emergency when the pain is so severe that the person can’t function normally. In other words, the person can’t sleep, eat, or do their jobs as they usually do. The pain can also cause other symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

Tooth infections usually develop over time. Which means, they can go untreated for months or even a year. However, they will not disappear or get better on their own. The infection will only get worse and spread over the tissues over time. This can lead to many serious health complications.

Do dentists do emergency extractions?

Yes, dentists do perform emergency extractions. If you are suffering from a tooth infection, your dentist may need to have it extracted. Oral surgeons perform tooth extractions, but if it is an emergency, your dentist may be able to perform the procedure.

Do dentists take insurance for emergency tooth extractions?

Yes, many dentists do take insurance for emergency tooth extractions. However, not all dental insurance plans cover emergency dental procedures. You need to check with your dental insurance provider to see if your dental plan covers emergency tooth extractions. If it doesn’t, you may be responsible for paying the cost of the procedure out-of-pocket. In most cases, however, the cost of an emergency tooth extraction will be less than the cost of leaving the tooth untreated.

Call our office if you are experiencing a dental emergency!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office as soon as possible at (410) 828-1177. Even if you are not sure, call us and our helpful staff will listen to your concerns. We will do our very best to help you get the dental care you need in a timely manner.